by Black Sea Women in Nuclear Network (BSWN) – regional professional network for advancing women working in the nuclear sector on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and Call Upon Unity for Achieving Peace and Security

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and military aggression against a sovereign state is a direct challenge to the existing global security architecture and nuclear security and nonproliferation regime. One of the states of the Black Sea region is in a state of war. Ukrainian cities are under attacks from Russia’s aggressive military force conducting inhumane and unlawful military operations.

We are proud to see that Western democracies are mobilizing against Russia’s malicious acts and aggression, and we unite to protect Ukraine, its people’s lives and the integrity and sovereignty of the country which is a strong member of the nuclear nonproliferation regime.

There are serious nuclear security and nonproliferation concerns stemming from Russia’s military aggression: Russia’s ongoing disinformation and propaganda is targeting nuclear security and nonproliferation. Russia is using fake news to justify its malicious unlawful actions which threaten Ukraine and entire world.

We, a professional community of women and men from the Black Sea Region, express our support for the unprecedented mobilization of Western countries to stop Russian aggression and stop the war. Unity is essential for neutralizing threats to nuclear security in Ukraine and supporting its recovery from the war.

We are heartbroken with the suffering of Ukrainian people, and we applaud nuclear professionals trying to protect the country’s civilian nuclear facilities from malicious acts of the Russian army.

We call on Russia to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence.

We call on the international community to take all necessary measures to stop the war and start urgent negotiations for withdrawing Russia’s military forces from the territory of Ukraine and continue protecting nuclear facilities from any sabotage and attack.

We stand ready to lend our expertise, time, and support to ensure a safe, peaceful, and independent nuclear sector in Ukraine.